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Fill Out Trial Creation Form

Trial Creation Form

Fields include your First Name, Last name as well as your email address. This data will be used to start the trial account as well as create an agent profile in the help desk. Next, add the company or help desk name to create the subdomain for the trial account. Please note, the trial account created will become the active account once subscribed so no configurations of the trial are lost! Once all details are entered, click the green “Get Started Now” button to activate the trial. 

Post-Creation Popup

There are 2 scenarios that could happen from there:

Scenario 1:

Action Expected Actual
User Clicks Confirmation Email First
  1. Go to Almost Done page
  2. Form pops up or user clicks link to finish setup
  3. After submitting, refresh to login page
  4. After logging in, goes to account
All Good!

Scenario 1 Screenshots:

Almost Done Page:

Almost Done Page

After Correctly Submitting Form:

Post-Successful Form Submition

From there, the agent is logged in and can go to any tab they want to.

Scenario 2:

  Activated Page  
User clicks to account setup first
  1. Go to ‘Confirm your email’ + set up account link
  2. After setting up account, show confirm your email screen
  3. Anywhere clicked goes to that page until they go to confirmation url
  4. Going to confirmation url shows confirmed page
All Good!

Scenario 2 Screenshots:

Confirm Your Email & Setup Account:

Confirm Email & Setup Account

Submit account setup form:

Post-Setup Form Submition

Resend Form:

Resend Confirmation

Resend Confirmation Email:

Confirmation Email

Click Confirmation URL:

Account Activated Successfully

 From there, the Agent is logged in and can go to any tab they want to.

If an Agent tries to visit to the Confirmation URL after everything has been done: 

Setup Complete

(This page is shown to all agents where staffid > 1 since the first agent is the one who set up the account. This ensures that we don’t give out the admin’s username.)