Account Panel > Agents

Agents can only be deleted from the Account Panel > Agent Tab. Once deleted, all historical data (i.e. agent responses, ticket thread actions, etc.) will remain within the ticket.

Under no circumstances would we recommend editing one agent’s data (i.e. email address, name) to another agent as this would change the historical data system-wide from one agent to another. If you would like to preserve previous agents without being billed, you can switch them to an occasional agent to retain the data and actions.

Account Panel Agents Tab

Agents are given access to the help desk with the intent to respond and resolve the tickets. When adding an Agent to the help desk, you have the option of granting them access to the Admin Panel and/or Account Panel. Admin Panel access will allow them the ability to manage the configurations of your helpdesk and Account Panel access with allow them to manage your agents, billing information and domains.

Switch Status, Type and grant Panel Access

Switch Status: The status of an agent is either active or inactive; inactive agents cannot access the helpdesk, however, are still considered a part of your subscription if marked as full-time.

Type: Your agents can be either full-time or occasional in regards to billing. Occasional Agents have access to your help desk on a per-day basis and log in with Day Passes. Day Passes are required for Occasional Agents to access your help desk for a period of 24-hours from initial log-in. Occasional Agents can access the help desk an unlimited number of times within the 24-hour period.

Day Passes are required for each new 24-hour access period and can be purchased with a minimum of 10 passes per purchase. At any time in your subscription period, Occasional Agents can be converted into Full-Time Agents. You will be charged the prorated amount for the converted agent for the remainder of the subscription period.

If you would like to convert a Full-Time Agent to an Occasional Agent, you will be credited for the remainder of the subscription period for the Full-Time Agent. The Agent will not be renewed for the next subscription period and will require Day Passes to log-in immediately after changing Agent type.

Occasional Agents and Full-Time agents can be configured exactly the same access in the help desk; the only difference is you will pay a monthly subscription fee for Full-Time agents whereas Occasional Agents require day passes and are not counted as an agent towards the subscription fee.

Account Access: By default, all agents have access to the Agent Panel which contains the Ticket queue, knowledge base, and user directory. Agents can then be granted further access to the admin and/or account tab from the Account Panel. Admin Panel controls the configurations of the help desk whereas the Account Panel controls the subscription.

At all times at least one agent will have access to the admin panel as well as the account panel. This does not necessarily need to be the same agent.