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Adding Email Addresses

An unlimited number of email addresses can be routed through the help desk. With SupportSystem, an external email inbox can be forwarded to an SupportSystem subdomain email addresses within the help desk ( There are 3 examples of email addresses in the system, but they can be edited/deleted if necessary. With the SupportSystem subdomain, an unlimited number of addresses can be added by adding a new email address and typing anything before the “@” symbol of the subdomain.

Adding Emails

When adding any email address (external mailbox or SupportSystem subdomain email), the New Ticket Settings can be configured to be different than the System Default. These settings help determine the workflow for tickets that are created from a User emailing this email address.

An external email address can also be added to the help desk and configured to have the mail in the configured folder (default: INBOX) fetched into the Help Desk to create tickets. The SMTP settings for this same email or any other can be enabled for outgoing emails as well. You can easily do this by adding the preferred email address to the system and setting up the SMTP for that email.

Remote Mailbox

Remote Mailbox Details

First, you can fill out the Login Information for the email address. The Username is utilized in the email authentication process. In most cases you will have only one username for an email address (which is the email address itself). In the case of shared mailboxes however, you specify the authenticating user address first then the shared user address separated by a backwards/forwards slash (eg. user@domain.tld\shared@domain.tld). In some email setups you might need to specify a servername/hostname before the username (eg. Servername\user@domain.tld). In rare cases you might need a combination of all (eg. Servername\user@domain.tld\shared@domain.tld). We accept all the aforementioned formats; below are some examples:

String authname username
user@domain.tld   user@domain.tld
user@domain.tld\shared@domain.tld user@domain.tld shared@domain.tld
Servername\user@domain.tld   Servername\user@domain.tld
Servername\user@domain.tld\shared@domain.tld Servername\user@domain.tld shared@domain.tld
Login Information

Fetching with IMAP/POP can be configured by clicking “Enable” and filling in the information for the email address.

IMAP/POP Settings

Next, you can setup the SMTP configurations for the email address in the last section. Click Enable and fill in the information for the email address.

SMTP Settings

Once the information has been entered, click Save Changes at the bottom of the configurations page. If configured correctly, a green banner will appear stating that the address has been successfully added and configured. If a red banner appears, please review the error and make configuration adjustments.

After the email address has been configured in the Emails Tab, be sure to enable fetching at Admin Panel > Emails > Settings. On this tab, the System Default Outgoing email address can also be set from any emails in the Help Desk configured with SMTP.

Set Default Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)

Email Addresses can be set for each Department for routing, Outgoing Emails (Agent Responses to tickets routed to that Department), and/or Auto Responses for tickets assigned to that Department. All of these configurations can be done at the Department configurations located in Admin Panel > Agents > Departments.

Set Department's Autoresponse Email