Post-Trial Creation

Welcome, and thank you for choosing SupportSystem. We are excited for you to see how it can help you better serve your customers and end-users. It’s easy to get started using SupportSystem! Here’s a simple guide to help you get started configuring the help desk for your needs.

Email Setup

Admin Panel > Emails > Emails

SupportSystem comes with email integration out of the box. Your end-users can create tickets simply by emailing SupportSystem also allows you to route an unlimited number of custom email addresses (e.g. as incoming tickets as well as outgoing responses with simple email set up. For more information check out the Email Guide.

Help Topics

Admin Panel > Manage > Help Topics

In addition to emails, end-users can also fill out an online form on your Client Portal to create tickets. Help topics help route online inquiries to a department of your help desk as well as any additional configurations you associate with New Tickets created under this topic. This gives you the ability to route inquiries without having to have your end users select where they think the tickets should go.

Access Control for Agents

Admin Panel > Agents > Agents

Agents can access tickets in their own primary department and any other departments they are granted access to. In addition, agents can access any assigned tickets (either directly or to a team to which the agent belongs) as well as be assigned specific role permissions to tickets they have been granted access to. To review your department access, visit Agent Panel > Agents > Agents > (click your name) > Access.


Admin Panel > Agents > Departments

Departments are used to categorize incoming tickets and also silo the tickets of your help desk from other agents. For example, you can restrict agent’s tickets access based on departments as well as grant them different role permissions to the department’s tickets they have access to. To manage departments go to the Departments tab in the admin panel.


Admin Panel > Manage > Forms

Admin Panel > Manage > Lists

Customize your help desk with the Custom Forms, Fields, and List features enabling you to collect the exact information from your end users when creating a ticket. Once created, fields can be edited in-line by agents allowing them to update the ticket information at record speeds. Also, agents can customize their view of tickets with the Custom Columns and Queues feature giving them the ability to organize the ticket queue.