Account Panel > Account

Subscription Plan

Name: This displays your subscription level. To change your subscription click on the blue change to the right of the name of your subscription level this will then direct you to the plans tab of the account panel. You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time from the plans tab; please note your account will be prorated a charge or a credit with the adjustment in the subscription.

Base Price: The first number is the number of agents you currently have on your account. The second number is the amount you pay per agent, per month.

Max. File Size: This is your maximum file size upload limit per attachment. If possible, you can increase the maximum file size by upgrading your subscription. If necessary you can reduce the allowable file size in the Admin Panel > Settings > System and Tickets.

Billing Information

Account Balance: This is your account balance. If you have a credit on your account, it will be displayed here.

Day Passes Available: This displays the number of day passes available for Occasional Agents. You can purchase additional day passes by selecting Purchase Day Passes on the far right side of this row. Day passes are $1 each and start in a minimum of 10 and increase in increments of 5. To read more about our day pass terms please see our terms of subscription here.

Credit Card On File: This is where you change or update your credit card details for your subscription. Simply click on change credit card and a box will appear for you to enter new card details. Please note, we utilize a third-party billing system, Stripe, and do not store credit card numbers. For more information on our policy, please see our compliance page, here.

Account Information

Account information is set under Account Panel > Settings.